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Ever been somewhere by yourself and seen someone wearing something COMPLETELY inappropriate (for his or her age, or the occasion, or their figure, or the weather), but there was NO ONE there to share your angst? Take a picture and post it here for all of your goof friends to see and critique!!! But be kind to the perpetrators and try not to include their faces!!

Quilt This

Posted By Lindsb on Dec 8, 2007 at 8:16PM

Ok - I wish this picture were better, but I was so excited about snapping my first addition to this group that I am just accepting the shi*ty quality of the picture.

As I was walking out of the Chelsea Handler stand up show tonight, the woman in front of me was wearing a quilt. No, seriously, I was standing behind her and it looked like a quilt you would throw on your downstairs couch to hide the dog hair. It had rectangles for each month of the year and then pictures.. like Santa for December.


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